Admissions & Entrance Requirements

We accept applications on a continuous basis. Enrollment will be based on quarterly timeframe in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter enrollment. Each application will be reviewed by the Director based on the criteria listed below:

Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for admission to BBA, applicants must provide the following:

  • - Valid Federal or State verification (i.e. birth certificate, passport, etc.);
  • - (If student is under 18, parental/legal guardian consent is required.)
  • - High school diploma, GED or Virginia recognized equivalent;
  • - Non-refundable application fee of $100.

Transfer Students

In order to be considered for admission to BBA, transferring applicants must provide the following:

- A sealed transcript from their previous cosmetology school listing the hours earned;

- Verification from the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) State licensing authority, if the previous school - is licensed within the state of Virginia;

- Non-refundable application fee of $100.

In the case of a student transferring from an out-of-state school, BBA reserves the right to evaluate transfer credit from other schools of cosmetology and vocational schools. It is essential that we determine if the applicant’s level of proficiency coincides with the desired classes. No more than fifty percent (50%) of your transfer credits can be used toward the program to be completed at BBA. Transcripts cannot be over 10 years old for previous hours to be considered. Credit earned at BBA can be transferrable to another cosmetology school.

Admission Denial

BBA reserves the right to deny admission to any person for the following reasons:

- The applicant does not meet the stated entrance requirements.

- The applicant’s physical, mental or emotional state prevents them from performing the required practical requirements needed for graduation and/or to reasonably function in the beauty industry.

- Admission would place an unmanageable financial burden on the applicant.

Nondiscrimination Policy

The BBA complies with all requirements and regulations pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. No person in the U.S. shall be excluded from participation in, denied benefit of, or otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity sponsored at this institution on the basis of race, color, or national origin. As prescribed by Section 504, Rehabilitation Act of 1973, this institution does not discrimination based on handicap in admission or employment.

ACCEPTing new students